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What to know after Day 837 of Russia-Ukraine war

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Chechen leader Kadyrov says Russian troops capture Ukrainian border village

The leader of Russia's Chechnya region, Ramzan Kadyrov, said on Sunday that Russian forces, led by a Chechen-based special forces unit, have seized control of a Ukrainian border village.

Kadyrov, who has led his South Caucasus region as a Kremlin loyalist since 2007, said the Akhmat-Chechnya unit led Russian troops in taking control of Ukraine's Ryzhivka, in Sumy region, opposite the southern Russia region of Kursk.

Writing on the Telegram messaging app, Kadyrov said the "large-scale planned advance" inflicted "significant losses on the Ukrainian side, which was forced to retreat".

Russia's Defence Ministry issued no statement on the action and there was no comment from Ukrainian military authorities.

Reuters could not independently confirm the report.

The commander of the Akhmat unit was quoted by Russia's TASS state news agency this month as saying his forces had been deployed in Russia's border Belgorod border region - to the east of where Sunday's capture was said to have occurred.

In May, Kadyrov said during a meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin that tens of thousands of his soldiers were prepared to fight for Russia in Ukraine and that a total of 43,500 troops already have served in Moscow's war against its smaller neighbour.

Ukraine's military has warned in recent weeks of a buildup of Russian forces around Sumy region in preparation for military action.



Battlegroup North improves frontline positions over past 24 hours — top brass

Russia’s battlegroup North has improved its frontline positions over the day, defeating four Ukrainian brigades, the Defense Ministry said.

"The northern battlegroup improved its frontline positions and defeated manpower and equipment of the 82nd Ukrainian air assault brigade, the 120th, 125th and 127th territorial defense brigades near Volchansk, Sinelnikovo, Zhovtnevoye, Neskuchnoye, Ternovaya and Izbitskoye in the Kharkov Region. It repelled seven counterattacks by assault groups of the 13th National Guard brigade, the 36th marine brigade, the 71st Jaeger brigade and the 101st security brigade of the Ukrainian General Staff. The enemy losses amounted to up to 225 servicemen, seven vehicles and a 152-mm D-20 howitzer. Three Ukrainian field ammunition depots were destroyed," the statement said.

Russian air defenses down Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, intercept 66 drones

Russian air defenses shot down a Ukrainian Air Force Mi-8 helicopter, as well as intercepted 66 drones and 13 HIMARS rockets, the Defense Ministry said.

"Air defenses down a Ukrainian Air Force Mi-8 helicopter. Over the past 24 hours, air defenses also intercepted 66 unmanned aerial vehicles and 13 US-made HIMARS rockets," the ministry said.

A total of 610 aircraft, 276 helicopters, 25,463 unmanned aerial vehicles, 528 anti-aircraft missile systems, 16,304 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 1,331 multiple rocket launchers, 10,240 field artillery and mortars, as well as 22,387 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation, the military added.

Russia’s battlegroup East destroys up to 140 Ukrianian servicemen, tank

Russia’s battlegroup East has destroyed up to 140 Ukrainian servicemen and a tank over the past 24 hours, the Defense Ministry said.

"The eastern battlegroup took more favorable lines and also defeated manpower and equipment of the 58th Ukrainian motorized infantry brigade, the 123rd territorial defense brigade and the 21st National Guard brigade near Zolotaya Niva, Vremyevka and Oktyabr of the Donetsk People's Republic. The enemy losses amounted to up to 140 servicemen, a tank, two armored combat vehicles, three vehicles, a 155-mm Polish-made self-propelled Krab howitzer, a 152-mm Msta-B howitzer and an Anclav warfare station," the ministry said.

Battlegroup Center destroys up to 300 servicemen, Marder fighting vehicle

Russia’s battlegroup Center has destroyed up to 300 servicemen and a Marder infantry fighting vehicle over the past 24 hours, the Defense Ministry said.

According to it, the battlegroup improved its tactical positions, defeated the 71st Ukrainian infantry, 23rd and 47th mechanized brigades near Karlovka, Yevgenovka, Novopokrovskoye and Yasnoborodovka of the Donetsk People's Republic. In addition, the battlegroup repelled six counterattacks by assault groups of the 25th airborne, 24th and 110th mechanized brigades.

"The enemy lost up to 300 servicemen, German-made Marder and US-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, two vehicles. Russian forces also hit two US-made M777 howitzers, an Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer, a Gvozdika howitzer, two 122-mm D-30 howitzers, and two Rapira anti-tank guns," the ministry added.

Battlegroup West wipes out up to 400 Ukrianian servicemen over day

Russia’s battlegroup West has destroyed up to 400 Ukrianian servicemen, a tank and two armored vehicles over the past day, the Defense Ministry said.

"The western battlegroup occupied more favorable lines, defeated the 14th, 116th, 115th Ukrainian mechanized, 3rd assault brigades and the 13th National Guard brigade near Sinkovka, Petropavlovka, Berestovoye of the Kharkov Region, Serebryanka and Torskoye of the Donetsk People's Republic. The enemy lost up to 400 servicemen, a tank, two armored combat vehicles and five pickup trucks," the statement said.

According to the ministry, Russian forces hit a 155-mm Polish-made Krab howitzer, a 152-mm Msta-B howitzer, a 122-mm Gvozdika howitzer, a 122-mm D-30 howitzer and a 122-mm Grad multiple rocket launcher.

Russian forces hit sites of strike drone operators, foreign mercenaries

The Russian armed forces hit the sites of the Ukrainian strike drone operators and foreign mercenaries, the Defense Ministry said.

"Russian military hit the sites of the operators of strike drones and foreign mercenaries, as well as accumulations of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment in 131 areas," the ministry said.




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