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14 things the younger generations of men do today that older generations of men can't wrap their head around

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We asked older men of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what things younger men do that confuse them. Here's what leaves them bewildered the most:

1. "I don't get that seemingly every teenage guy has the exact same haircut now, and it bugs the crap out of me. Big and poufy up top, with permanent hat hair because the tips swoop up at the bottom. They all look like they're wearing helmets and haven't showered in weeks. I just want to pull them aside and ask if girls actually like that, because you don't see a single man over 25 with that haircut."


2. "Why do so many of them wear wool beanie caps in 90-degree weather?"

3. "I'm surprised by the popularization of younger men eating women's asses. It is awfully confusing and extremely unappealing to me, though I know plenty of people have their kinks. Nothing wrong with it. But them being so publicly open about it is the part that is mind-boggling to me."


4. "I don’t get 'thirst traps.' What is the appeal of taking a picture of yourself in nothing but your underwear, grabbing your 'bulge,' and posting it for the whole internet to see?"

5. "I totally do not understand why younger guys are wearing dressy pants that are WAY too short and not wearing socks."

6. "I'm baffled by how tentative younger men seem to be about defining relationships. If you like someone, tell them. Tell them that you are focused on getting to know them and let them get to know you. Don't muddy the waters with always hanging out in groups or quasi-dates."

7. "In the men's locker room, many young men wrap a towel around their waist to change into their underwear. I don't get it."

8. "Growing up, I was taught to be self-sufficient and do most things for myself. I fix my cars, do most of the electrical stuff in the house, can cook, and can tie a bow tie. Style is style — I get that, and I'm cool with people expressing themselves however they like. But I'm a little confused by the lumbersexual fad. All these burly-looking dudes who look like the offspring of Jason Momoa and Burt Reynolds, but they can't seem to change a tire, fix a leaky toilet, or iron a suit for a job interview."

9. "A lot of younger men wear underwear under their swim trunks... Why?"

10. "I don't get them wearing suit jackets that are so tight they can't be buttoned. Also, I don't get wearing sneakers with a suit jacket."

11. "I am quite perplexed by younger men’s unwillingness to 'make a move' when they feel some chemistry with a person. I understand dating is hard and there is a risk of rejection, but I have seen my younger brother basically get through high school without ever once kissing a girl or having a date because of this anxiety about being rejected. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. As long as you can take no for an answer and not have an overreaction to it, there isn’t nearly as much risk as some would have you believe."

12. "They almost always post even their trivial ideas on any social media platform to ingratiate themselves."

13. "I don't understand them wearing impractical clothing, like baggy pants and a black hoodie in Phoenix in July. 'I’m sweating like a pig, but at least I look cool :).'"

14. And lastly, "I don't get guys thinking that a smartphone will sustain a relationship with their guy friends. For god's sake, start meeting up with your friends in person more often. Talk with other humans in person and make real connections. Phones do not truly keep you connected on a level that is required for deep, meaningful relationships."



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