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Mom expecting 2 baby girls delivers boys instead

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Carolyn and Sean Savage got pregnant using in vitro fertilization. But as it turned out, their last names had somehow gotten mixed up at the clinic — and Carolyn was actually pregnant with another couple's baby.

As gut-wrenching as the experience was, Carolyn carried the baby to term before giving him back to his biological parents.

Now another heartbreaking and inconceivable mix-up has led to a lawsuit making national news.

This story is about an unidentified Asian-American couple from Flushing, New York. After having spent more than $100,000 on IVF services, they were thrilled to learn they were expecting healthy twin girls.

The first sign of things to come took place during their three- and five-month sonograms, when they were told they were carrying two boys, not girls.

In March 2019, the couple gave birth to the boys. In the moments following their delivery, the couple was shocked to discover that not only were both babies non-Asian, but the two boys weren't even related to one another!

According to their lawsuit, genetic testing confirmed that each boy belonged to a different couple who had undergone treatment at the same fertility clinic in Los Angeles.

Because of this "unimaginable mishap," the couple was forced to give the boys to their respective biological parents.

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