Saturday, 19 November 2022 05:34

The Ukraine quagmire will be an endless problem for America - Mike Davis

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Mike Davis Mike Davis

The problem with this this whole Ukraine quagmire is that it's just going to be an endless problem for America. We should step back and ask how many Americans are willing to sacrifice one of their loved ones, or even one of their paychecks for Ukraine? I say this as someone who thinks that Vladimir Putin is a monster. But I would also say this, Obama put Biden in charge of Ukraine when Obama was president and Biden was vice president. Biden's corrupt family made millions of dollars off of Ukraine. Back in 2014, Russia took Crimea, and now Russia is back, and I think Putin smells the weakness and this is a problem.

Then you have Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has different interests than the United States. Remember, Zelensky has everything to lose in Ukraine. He can lose his life, his livelihood, and Ukraine if Russia wins. It would be terrible if Russia won, and they are monsters for invading Ukraine. But remember, Zelensky's interests are not the same as America's interests, they're not aligned. America does not have everything to lose in Ukraine like Zelensky does. We have to remember that so before we get dragged into World War Three to save Ukraine, to save Zelensky, let's make sure it's in America's interest.

We saw with Ukraine's Foreign Minister yesterday was putting out propaganda that this was a Russian missile when we know that's not true. What would we do? What if we would have invoked Article 5 over an attack on Poland and all of the sudden, we've started World War Three? I think we need to step back and just be more rational about this and stop being emotional. Let's get our Ukraine flags out of our bios and out of our yards, and let's start thinking about what's in America's best interest.