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What you should never do on a plane

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  • A flight attendant revealed the five things you should never do on an airplane  
  • Tommy Cimato, from the US, has been documenting his work on TikTok
  • Many of his videos reveal the unknown side of flying, and are wildly popular 
  • But thousands were shocked by the airline secrets  

Travellers have been shocked after a flight attendant revealed five things you should never do on a plane. 

Tommy Cimato, from Arizona, USA, shared a TikTok video that has since received more than 653,000 likes and a number of comments. 

He said passengers should never wear shorts, lean their heads against the window and should drink at least 470ml of water on every flight.

First up, Tommy also advised passengers to not touch the toilet flush button or lever because it's incredible unsanitary. 

'It's pretty gross, so when you flush, use a napkin or a tissue that's in the lavatory,' he said. 

He then reminded viewers to drink water when travelling, particularly on long-haul flights.  

'Stay hydrated. You want to have about 16 ounces (470ml) for every flight that you go on,' Tommy advised. 

While the window seat is a popular spot chosen my most passengers, Tommy said to never 'sleep or lean on the window'. 

'You don't know how many people or children have wiped their hands or other things all over the window,' he said. 

Surprisingly he also advised others to never wear shorts on a plane because, similarly to the window, you 'don't know how clean' it is.  

Tommy said: 'If you have pants, you're going to have less germs'. 

Passengers should also never feel afraid to let a flight attendant know if you're feeling sick, because Tommy said they are 'there to help'. 

While the video caught the attention of thousands, many travellers were less than impressed with the airline secrets and several followers were outraged that an airline would allow surfaces to be so filthy.

'In conclusion, the whole plane dusty,' one person wrote, another added: 'This proves that you guys don't clean inside the plane.'

'So you're basically saying you don't clean/sanitise the plane after every flight. Got it,' a third added. 

But in the comments Tommy clarified the situation and wrote: 'The ground crew does all the plane cleaning, they try their best to keep it clean but this is just in case if it gets missed!'

Other fans voiced their appreciation for Tommy's information after receiving the backlash. 

'As a future flight attendant, thank you very much,' one person wrote. 

An Australian flight attendant previously shared the three in-flight essentials she always packs with her on a trip, including a passport case, clear pouches and a selection of outfits in her carry-on luggage.

Rosalie Shaw, who is based in Sydney, runs a YouTube channel that reveals some of the best tips and tricks she has picked up since joining the aviation industry in November 2013. 

Describing the work she does with Jetstar as her 'dream job' the blonde hostess covers everything from her biggest pet peeve to what a day in her jet-setting life looks like.

In a video Rosalie outlined the importance of placing your passport in its own separate case to avoid it getting waterlogged or damaged.

'Always keep your passport in a case and then put that case in a ziplock bag, or a clear bag,' she explained.

'I know it seems like a lot but a damaged passport will literally ruin your holiday.

'The cases protect the pages from being bent, the bag will protect it from any accidental spills from a water bottle, rain or in my case, a really bumpy boat ride.'

When it comes to packing her toiletries, these are always in a clear pouch to get through airport security. But she uses those clear pouches to pack other essentials too so she can quickly see what's in each without rifling through. 

'It just makes it so much easier to find what you need because you can literally see what's inside them,' she said.

Finally, even if she's taking a hold bag Rosalie places her most 'expensive' outfits in her carry-on so she won't be stuck if her bag goes missing. 

'If you're like me, sometimes you need to take more stuff and if you have to check your bag in, make sure you have two or three of your favourite, or most expensive items of clothing with you in your carry-on bag,' she said.

'If your bag goes missing, you won't be struggling for outfits. I always have my favourite linen dress and then another outfit, a cardigan, a spare pair of underwear and then maybe a bikini, depending where I'm going, and a pair of shoes.

 'One time my bag did go missing, but at least I had some back up outfits with me so I wasn't as stressed.'


The blonde flight attendant said she has really dry skin and used to suffer as a result of the moisture-sucking cabin air.

To combat this Rosalie found the 100% Jojoba Oil from The Jojoba Company ($19.95) was best at locking in her natural skin moisture and she applies it before doing her makeup of a morning. 

She also cannot fly without her Lucas PawPaw Ointment ($12.79) because it is good for soothing dry lips, elbows and nail cuticles.


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