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My God and my source - Taiwo Akinola

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Taiwo Akinola Taiwo Akinola

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus ~ Philippians 4:19.


One of the strongest instruments the devil uses against the Body of Christ today is the yoke of poverty and insufficiency. This is because scarcity and dearth easily serve his battlecry of containment against the Church. And sadly, many believers are totally unaware of this.

Scarcity is a strangulating spirit, and it can make life quite unbearable. However, God’s unflinching desire is to amply supply His people with resources from the base of glory in Christ Jesus. This is what is referred to as supernatural provision.

The Christian believer has the potential for a mind-boggling quantity of spiritual power and loads of heavy heavenly treasures. Yes, supernatural provision is real, and only ignorant people or educated-illiterates in spiritual matters will criticize spiritual things which they have no capacity to understand.

Basically, human needs are diverse and multifaceted — healings, promotion, wealth, wisdom, protection, righteousness, protection, peace, guidance etc., — yet God is the supplier of them all.

In particular, money is crucial to the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth. Quite a lot of it is needed to move the gospel to her prime place in this end-time. And, God fully backs this truth, hence he said: ‘My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad’ (Zechariah 1:17).

To choose to be ignorant of these facts may be tantamount to playing a careless game with a smart spiritual destroyer. Ignorance is hideous and silent, yet powerful, devastating and very swift in dehumanizing men: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

The pillage and the carnage of ignorance alone can send any man back to the Stone Age. Just think about it. Indeed, ignorance must be a very terrible chronic disease.

I am quite aware that certain things are naturally hard to understand. But, I also know that it is much more difficult for someone who is not spiritual to understand the ways of the Holy Spirit, and how miraculous provisions come. It is like a man that is born blind trying to pontificate about colours. Even if he is a “learned fellow” with a Ph.D degree, his understanding of colours, at its best, can only be subjective and never truly objective.

By way of the helping the understanding of sincere seekers, I wish to offer here a little tip about supernatural provisions in general. Miraculous supply of money, protection, healing etc, are borne on the wings of divine favour, and run by the undercurrents of angelic operations in the spirit realm.

No doubt, there is great dignity in labor. But, there are so many things here on earth that labor alone cannot fix, and at such instances, God’s interventions and favour are inevitable!

The prophets of old occasionally enjoyed supernatural provisions via angelic supply at some of their moments of dire need (1Kings 17:1-9; 19:1-9). Even Jesus Christ performed wonders of miraculous supply many times to meet certain social needs in His earthly ministry. For example, He fed thousands of people with two pieces of fish and five loaves of bread (Mark 6:31-44; 8:1-10). He also located money in the mouth of a fish to settle some tax demands (Matthew 17:24-27).

Meanwhile, whatever lacks control could become uncontrollable. Whatever doesn’t conform to order could eventually create disorderliness. Hence, in exact science, control systems are put in place to regulate operations. For example, power machines are fitted with mechanical or electronic devices called governors.

This position is uniformly true for the supernatural supply of all critical human needs upon the earth. And, until an individual learns to operate the divine laws of supply, he may dwell for long in the prison yards of lack. Supernatural provisions come with guidelines, and all supernatural manifestations are regulated by supernatural laws.

All the good things we receive on earth are gifts from the God of Miracles, Who is willing, capable and never tired of giving to His creatures upon the earth. Moreover, our miraculous supplies are not located in a ‘far-away beach’ that are inaccessible to ‘little children’ in the faith (Mark 7:27).

However, supernatural provisions are definite products of our obedience to the divine ordersor a set of spiritual laws written boldly in the Holy Bible for all men — of all ages and in all generations —  for the greater good of all humanity and to the greater glory of God (Philippians 4:16-19).

Now, foremost among the laws of supernatural provision is the need to clearly understand that: “God Is My Source of Every Supply”. He is my Real and Unfailing Source.

Naturally, until you identify with a Source for a particular product, you cannot expect the supply of that product. Happily, God is my Source of supply for any need I have or may ever have. He is my God and my very own Father, and there is no doubting of His Father’s heart to supply all our human needs (Luke 11:11-13).

God is Jehovah-Jireh! He is capable, able, compassionate and reliable. He is the All-Sufficient God, and the only Competent Covenant Supplier of every good thing in life because He owns everything, visible or invisible both in heaven and on earth (Haggai 2:8; Psalms 50:10-12).

The El-Shaddai God is the Supplier of everything good in life. In fact, if anything has to be good, it must be from God; and if it is from God, its goodness is fully guaranteed. Our God is a God of Light, and He is always at the peak of His power and energy (James 1:17). Alleluia!

God, being my Source is a more-than-sufficient guarantee that I can be abundantly supplied with anything I desire to have in faith, by the operation of the Holy Ghost.

Meanwhile, it is required of us to be closer to God in order to truly enjoy His superabundant provisions (Matthew 6:33). If you have no genuine relationship with the Source, it is a pretext to assume that your supply is guaranteed.

God is our Source, we ought to know Him and really love Him, if the abundance of His courts is to be attracted to us. The closer you are to your Source, the much more realistic is the prospect of your material supply.

If a critically ill man in an hospital environment rejects close encounters with doctors and other medical staffers, such a sick person will likely remain sick for so long, and may even die. Unfortunately, such is the scenario with many church-goers today, who want what only God, the Very Source, can offer but find Him somewhat distasteful and are not ready to become truly committed to Him.

The greatest asset in this world is access. All God that has belongs to you if you choose to become His own. And, when we maintain fresh access to Him, He will restore our broken dreams, lost opportunities, ruined relationships and dashed hopes. Alleluia!

Friends, in this season of supernatural provision, may all your dues locate you in Jesus Name. Amen. Happy Sunday!

  • Bishop Taiwo Akinola,

Rhema Christian Church,

Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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