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Sunday, 22 May 2022 06:30

And Baba Lekki explodes… - Tatalo Alamu

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Accosted by a luckless journalist after storming out on the communiqué drafting committee of a new group calling itself Referendum Now, Baba Lekki was full of bile and choleric rage.

“Baba, how do you see the pardon of convicted political office holders?” the journalist demanded.

“Pardon me!!” the old codger snarled as he shambled away.

“How do you see the state of the country?” the journalist demanded.

“The country is in quite a state”, the old man growled.

“But Itse Sagay said there is nothing wrong with the pardon”, the old hack noted.

“You see, Itse has run into a hitch again”, the old man responded with a cynical giggle.

“Baba, Isola Williams said the APC is an alliance of politicians of questionable character”.

“Isola is wrong on that one. APC is a questionable alliance of unquestionable cuckolds and cuckoos”, the aging contrarian grunted.

“So baba what is the solution to all this nonsense?” the exasperated journalist screamed.

“The solution is dissolution!” Baba Lekki thundered and scampered away.


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