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‘Ladies snatching our husbands with indecent dressing, big buttocks’, protesting women cry out

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Some married women in Imo State recently protested in Owerri against female students in tertiary institutions whom they accused of using “indecent dressing and big buttocks” to snatch their husbands.

The protest is captured in a clip that is circulating on Facebook and Instagram

Women, over ten of them, could be seen in the clip marching across female hostels, warning the female students to desist from wearing indecent dress or be ready to face punishment.

PREMIUM TIMES could not confirm the exact date of the protest, but people said it must have happened on Friday.

The protesting women said women caught putting on “indecent dress” would be made to pay a fine.

“If you break any of the rules, you will pay the sum of N10, 000 to us. (If it is) more than once, you will pay double of that,” a woman who appeared to be a leader of the protest declared to the students in one of the female hostels in Owerri.

PREMIUM TIMES later learnt that the hostel visited by the women in the trending video is Peace Apartment inside Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri.

“Failure to pay, you will have us to contend with,” one of the protesting women warned, hitting a gong in her hand to signal that the order had taken effect.

While the woman with the gong was talking, two other women held out banners bearing images of the type of dressing they considered indecent.

“Indecent dressing is not allowed,” read an inscription in one of the banners.

“Ladies are snatching their husbands. They are angry,” a male voice is heard saying in the background.

“All these girls use indecent dressing to snatch their husbands. Women don vex. All these girls no dey hear words,” the voice added, in a mixture of Igbo language and Pidgin English.

Initially, when the protesting women entered the hostel, an enraged female student appeared to have an altercation with one of them.

“Don’t worry about that girl. You see that girl with big buttocks? She no dey hear words. I will shout for that girl,” a voice said in Pidgin English.

“You see this one. Her buttock is too much. We should caution her,” the voice suggested.

Tertiary institutions in Owerri

There are about five tertiary institutions – three universities, two polytechnics, and a college of education – in Owerri, including the Federal University of Technology and Imo State University.



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