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Man sets bank on fire after loan application denied

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Indian police recently arrested a disgruntled charity worker accused of setting fire to a bank branch in Karnataka after being denied a loan.

33-year-old Wasim Hazaratsab Mulla, a charity worker from Haveri, approached state-run Canara Bank for a loan of 1.6 million rupees ($21,600) in December of last year. His application was eventually denied, because of discrepancies in the submitted paperwork which broke the bank’s credit policy. Wasim allegedly didn’t take the news too kindly, riding his motorcycle to the bank branch on Sunday, January 9th, breaking open a window to spray a flammable liquid inside and setting the building on fire.

Eyewitnesses saw plumes of smoke rising from the burning building and immediately raised the alarm. The angry arsonist was also detained by locals before he could make his getaway and restrained until the police arrived.

“He was angry after his loan application was rejected. He sprayed some inflammable chemical, maybe petrol but we are investigating the matter,” a police officer told The National. “He ran a non-governmental organization. He wanted money for machines and had applied for a loan of 1.6 million rupees. Fortunately, no cash or gold or other valuables were destroyed.”

Firefighters managed to successfully douse the fire, but police announced that five computers, fans, passbook printers, cash counting machines and lights worth 1.2 million rupees ($16,000) were damaged. Wasim Hazaratsab Mulla has been charged with arson and is awaiting punishment.


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