Thursday, 13 January 2022 06:15

NRC increases frequency of Lagos-Ibadan train service

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Nigeria Railway Corporation

(NRC) has introduced new trips to the Lagos-Ibadan train service schedule.

According to a notice by the corporation, the new trips are for Friday and Saturday train schedules.

For the Friday train schedule, it added a trip to Ibadan for 12 pm and another trip for 1 pm on Saturday.

This means that the Lagos-Ibadan train service will run three trips every Friday and Saturday with the point of departure at the Mobaji Johnson train station, Lagos.

Passengers can now travel to Ibadan on Friday at the train station by 8 pm, 12 pm and 4 pm, while on Saturday, the train movement will depart at 8 pm, 1 pm and 6 pm.

Meanwhile, the Lagos-Ibadan train schedule for Monday to Thursday, including Sunday, remains intact with 8 pm and 4 pm trips.


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