Tuesday, 27 April 2021 14:33

Yoruba group of professionals, academics calls for unity of purpose even when strategies differ

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Yomi Layinka Yomi Layinka


Yoruba traditional rulers, regional leaders and elders must ensure the unity of all Yoruba people notwithstanding the preference of any group or persons for either Restructuring, or for an independent Yoruba Nation, or for participating in the 2023 elections under the current Constitution.

Since we are all motivated towards the same ultimate objective of Yoruba security and development – with only slight differences in strategies and tactics – all people of Yoruba descent must remain united in purpose and continue to rub minds in an environment of mutual love and respect. As our elders long taught us: once there are no cracks in our walls, no lizards can crawl into our household.

Our traditional, political, and religious leaders must therefore always commit to finding a common ground of understanding in order to work together for the greatest good of the region. This was a key resolution at a recent virtual meeting of Majeobaje Movement, a group of professionals, academics, human rights activists, and politicians drawn from the six southwestern states.

Majeobaje, which was set up to work for good governance in Nigeria and for the accelerated development of the southwestern states, sees the current rampant insecurity in Nigeria as a symptom of bad governance at all levels. It therefore urges the governors of the SW states to urgently step up their game in order to do a better job of securing the region and providing for the welfare of their citizens.

The governors should especially release more funds for Amotekun to be able to increase its effectiveness in fighting crime. Meanwhile, as Lagos State is the most affected by different types of street crime, the governor is especially advised to urgently initiate the state’s branch of Amotekun so that the synergy of designing Amotekun to operate as a regional crime prevention unit can be fully achieved.

Majeobaje also notes that the generally poor quality of governance and the perception of various injustices being perpetrated against the Yoruba by the Federal Government is at the root of the growing clamour for increased self-determination in the region including calls for a Yoruba Nation. Majeobaje therefore calls on federal and state governments to constructively engage with leaders of such movements in order to find common ground for the peaceful resolution of

their grievances.


Yomi Layinka, Publicity & Sensitization

Akintayo Akin-Deko, Convenor