Tuesday, 16 February 2021 05:18

Leader of Anglican Church advocates massive Christian participation towards 2023

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Christians have been urged to come out in encouraging numbers to register in any of the political parties for the 2023 General Elections. 

Making the call is the Archbishop Metropolitan and Primate of Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Henry Ndukuba, while delivering his Opening Address to the Standing Committee Meeting of the Church at All Saints Cathedral Onitsha recently.

He said this was the right time for Christians to register in any party of their choice "and be involved in the activities of the party from the ward level to the national".

Ndukuba further emphasized that with what was going on in the country, Christians should no longer sit on the fence but seize the opportunity to exercise their rights to choose "our leaders".

Politics, he said, "is not dirty as it has been perceived by some people in the past, even though some people have hijacked  the political process for their personal agenda". 

Politics, he went on, “is God given process in the ordering of His World and society". 

The Primate admonished participants at the meeting to go out and encouraged all citizens to be involved in the activities of the "party of their choice and be involved in the political process of our states and Nation".

For 2023, Ndukuba said: "The Anglican Church must be focused and fully mobilized in the political processes throughout this country". 

He declared: "All groups and organs of the Church must be mobilized for political engagement. Our Seminar shall be on the Role of the Church in the Democratic process in Nigeria. The Political Mobilization Group for the Church of Nigeria will have to guide us on constructive engagement.”