Saturday, 16 January 2021 06:16

N’Delta group calls for reconciliation across ethnic nationalities for national security, prosperity

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Tony Uranta Tony Uranta


The peoples of the Niger Delta resolve to partner all sincere governments and peoples of Nigeria to ensure national security and economic prosperity now nationwide. This position was stated at the end of the 2021 first General Cyber-Meeting of UNDEDSS, the United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy, which is the think-tank and voice of the Niger Delta's peoples, in a statement signed by UNDEDSS Secretary General, Tony I. Uranta.

UNDEDSS avers that, "Although Nigeria has many challenges and paradoxes, in this new age of a very deadly global pandemic and a national crisis of insecurity threatening both the global and Nigerian economies, UNDEDSS believes that it is in the self-enlightened best interests of all Nigerians that we all work together, at this point in time, in sincere cooperation with all other Nigerians so as to attain sustainable peace, unity and prosperity".

According to Uranta, "This is not the best of times for any sections of Nigeria to promote isolationism or populism; but, that it is rather time for all to pull together towards being a country determined to let Justice, Equity, and Rule-of-Law be its fundamental premises."

"We recognise that there will always be extremists and nihilists seeking to destroy Nigeria, even as we see that the USA still has them regardless of the age of her democracy",  continued the UNDEDSS scribe, "but we can, and must, ensure that good triumphs over evil; and do all we need to see that governments and peoples of Nigeria rise up out of this maelstrom to position Nigeria as the great nation we have always been destined to be. So help us God."

UNDEDSS concludes "That the region is, to this end, going to stretch forth hands of friendship and partnership to Federal Government of Nigeria, relevant State governments and peoples of Nigeria, to expedite the restoration of nationwide  security, and guarantee better life of all Nigerians".