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The dynamics of supernatural flight - Taiwo Akinola  

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Taiwo Akinola Taiwo Akinola

Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows? ~ Isaiah 60:8.


Each new year comes with new windows of opportunity to start all over again. Opportunities to recover our commitment to God and to serve Him better; opportunities to revisit our visions, to learn, unlearn, and relearn; opportunities to build, to rebuild, to be blessed and become a blessing to others; opportunities to prosper, to shine brighter for Christ and to be better prepared for eternity, and so on.

No matter how bad your past has been, you can still enjoy a new, beautiful beginning. However, a new beginning does not just happen; it has to be critically defined, and you are a major force in determining it! Just like the Prodigal Son did to change his estate of misery and woe, you must spread your spiritual wings before you can expect to fly to higher heights in destiny (Luke 15:18-19).

You don’t have to wait any longer for some accidental occurrences, you can rise up and put an end to stagnation in your life! Stop wishing for a wonderful job; if no one employs you, employ yourself! But, this beautiful choice must be personal to you, or else your spiritual planes may not be ready yet to fly.

Identifying What Flying Means to You

Flying supernaturally means different things to different people and in different places, depending on what you are looking for in life and your specific calling or core assignment on earth.

 Flying is defined dependent on who you are: an athlete, a journalist, a farmer, a student, a trained professional, a politician, an astute business tycoon, a civil servant, a mature and far-sighted Christian worker, a New Testament preacher, or just a common citizen with no dream in particular.

 To many, flying means becoming better, stronger and richer in the processes of advancing destiny, accomplishing luxuriantly and becoming famous in the society. However, there are some common trends that define supernatural flight in the genuine believer’s heart.

For example, true believers would want to overcome anything that could keep them away from serving God, lovingly. We all wish to discover and live up to our full potentials in Christ; to be healthy and prosperous, spiritually and materially, and to stay atop as distinctive blessings to our world. Above all, we all wish to mature in Christlikeness, and to enjoy total victory over sin, Satan, sicknesses, fear and all forms of oppression.

 Whatever, we all must take seriously the challenges of the supernatural realm. Supernatural flight cannot happen without the performances of the Holy Spirit, the Most Important Entity in the realm of supernatural operations (Acts 13:2).

 Our Secure Platforms for Supernatural Flight

 God’s people are spiritually set to sit on high above all nations of the earth. In fact, we are empowered to overtake the old order and manifest the realities of God’s supernatural blessings everywhere we go (Deuteronomy 28:1-3).

 However, it is our decision to comply with the set conditions that guarantees our entitlements (Isaiah 1:19). And, in moments of such decisions, human destinies are shaped. We may not be able to change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust and readjust our sails to reach our destination.

 Meanwhile, God is our most secure Guarantor for supernatural flight (Matthew 6:33). And, it takes His empowerment to fly above the cloud (Deuteronomy 32:10-12; Acts 1:8).

 Heaven gives its glimpses only to those not in a position to look sacrilegiously on, or become over-familiar with, spiritual matters. Most certainly, it is people who maintain allegiance to God that will eventually develop useful abilities (2 Timothy 2:2).

 David followed that order! God found him in the wilderness, and He made a big show out of his life (1 Samuel 13:14). To fly like Moses, Paul, Joseph, Daniel, Ruth and Esther of the Bible, we will do well to fasten the banners of faithful commitment to God on the sleeves of our daily living (1 Corinthians 9:16; Ruth 1:17; Numbers 12:6-7).

Moreover, suitable knowledge is quintessential to supernatural flight. Everything in life thrives on knowledge. What you don’t know, will cost you something: stagnation, frustration and devastation (Isaiah 5:13, Hosea 4:6).

Learners are earners! Yet, learning is not child's play, and most times, we cannot learn things of value without pain. Many are struggling today because they aren’t really ready to learn from those who have knowledge (Acts 3:6).

 Resolve in your mind today to start learning at the feet of God-accredited faith Masters. That’s how flight giants are raised! But it takes humility to embrace this fact and to spread out your spiritual wings to pursue it.

 Spreading Our Spiritual Wings to Fly

God’s children can always find their wings and fly, even in the midst of difficult circumstances (Isaiah 40:31; Psalms 55:6). In fact, God sometimes uses unpleasant or stressful situations to push us to the edge of our current nests.

Notwithstanding, in order to engage supernatural flight, you must painstakingly crystalize your desire to fly above all circumstances of life. Desire is a destiny enforcer that cannot be easily stopped, and your desire is what prepares you for supernatural flight  (Psalms 21:2: 145:19).

Whereas, some Christians today are so glaringly chicken-hearted about supernatural flight, yet, anyone can still reconnect to paths of flight freedom by identifying and bastardizing phobia and excuses. Like Shadrack, Meshack & Abednego, we must debase the worst things that could happen on the trajectories of our supernatural flights.

Against the threat of death, the three Hebrews said their God would deliver them, but that even if He didn’t, they would still not bow to a false god. At long last, they became instant heroes of faith.

Spread your spiritual wings to fly. Stretch yourself. Be willing to move beyond your regular comfort zone. Worry less. Trust God more. When God sees that all you want is to glorify Him, He will empower you to succeed!

Those who are chickens by nature will never fly very high, because they are nature-limited. But then, it is also nature-dictated for the eagles to fly far higher than any other bird. Certainly, it is the birthright of every child of God to live the supernatural lifestyle in all contexts.

Our faithful Father-God is waiting for us to fly, to His glory (Deuteronomy 32:11). We must also wait on Him, listen for His voice and watch for His nudge. The freedom to fly is in the trusting!

Abraham decided to fly with his wings of faith, and the ultimate result is what is often referred to as Abraham’s blessings, of which we all are partakers today (Genesis 12; Galatians 3:13-14). Alleluia!

Friends and brethren, by virtue of your new birth in Jesus Christ, you’re a spiritual eagle. Flying is your heritage by redemption. You are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. You won’t miss this, in Jesus Name. Amen. Happy Sunday!

  • Bishop Taiwo Akinola,

Rhema Christian Church,

Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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