Wednesday, 30 September 2020 04:50

Reps have withdrawn Water Resources Bill. But the proposed law isn’t dead

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House of Representatives at its plenary on Tuesday withdrew the Water Resources Control Bill which it passed two months ago.

Sequel to the adoption of a Matter of Privilege raised by Mr Benjamin Mzondu (PDP-Benue), the House unanimously resolved to gazette the bill for reconsideration.

Mzondu argued that the bill was not gazetted and that clear copies of the bill were not circulated to all members.

The lawmaker said a 2020 bill should have passed first and second reading, be subjected to public hearing before its consideration at the Committee of the Whole and passed.

“My privilege has been breached because I was denied the opportunity of seeing the bill before it passed.

“The House Rules are clear and unambiguous, Order 12 Rule 16, 17 and 18 is expressly clear on the gazetting Bills.

“I therefore move that the bill be completely expunged or be gazetted and subjected to public hearing,” he said.

In his contribution, Mr Nkem Abonta (PDP-Abia), said the procedure contradicted provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He argued that rule of the House was also breached in the way and manner it passed, saying that it should be withdrawn.

However, Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Water, Mr Sada Soli (APC-Katsina), said the right process was followed before the bill was passed.

He said clean copies of the bill were distributed to members who were at plenary.

He said the bill is a consolidation of four laws which had existed for 35, 34, 27 and 10 years.

Also, Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Rules and Business, Mr Abubakar Fulata (APC-Jigawa), said the bill was first read on December 19, 2018 in the 8th Assembly.

He said the bill was introduced by the Executives in the 9th Assembly and was subjected to the House rules.

Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr Idris Wase (APC-Plateau), recalled that the bill was stepped down when members complained that they had not seen the bill.

He said the bill was returned and members were all given clean copies before it was considered at the Committee of the Whole.

In response, members of the House, however, shouted aloud in disagreement with the position that clean copies were circulated.

In his ruling, Speaker of the House, Mr Femi Gbajabimila, said the bill be withdrawn and gazetted for fresh consideration.