Pabambari prophecies - Tatalo Alamu

In Yoruba local parlance, pabambari is something that is so outlandish that it strains credulity and common sense all at once. As the New Year gets underway, Nigeria’s ever growing tribe of pabambari prophets have been busy at their game. One of them quite oblivious of the fact that a former top politician quietly expired at the last polls has predicted his imminent return to power. Not to be left out of the engaging nonsense, Baba Lekki had approached Okon for his New Year prophecy about the fortunes of the nation.

“Ah baba, I been dey see dem cashless society and dem cowless kontri”, the crazy boy drawled.

“Okon, what does that nonsense mean?” the old man snarled.

“Baba, dat means cash go vamoose and as dem Yoruba juju people dey kaput dem mala cow with dem thunder, dem mala no go bring cow again and suffer go whack dem foolish Yoruba people”, the mad boy snorted.

“I see”, Baba Lekki grunted.

“Baba wetin you see for your own holy camera? “ Okon demanded.

“Okon hmmmm. I see a vacuum at the end of which I see a void”, the old man mused miserably.

“Ha baba dat means say make we all go get dem vacuum cleaner?” the crazy boy inquired.

“Get lost!” the old crank snapped as he walked away.


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