Okon makes a pitch for Lebanese juju - Tatalo Alamu

Wonders will never cease in this most wondrous and entertaining land. As they say it is one wonder per one day. When you are not hearing of some women forming The Mothers of Yahoo Boys Union, you are hearing rumours of a departing governor hurriedly granting state pardon to a recently convicted husband-killer who was immediately shipped out of the country.

As soon as the news hit the airwaves of a Lebanese huckster who was hurled down from the ceiling of his luxury pile with his pouch of juju strangely intact, Okon’s brains went into over-drive gear about how to cotton in on the act.

“Baba, I wan quickly reach dem EFCC auction to see if dem go sell me dem Oyinbo man’s juju”, the crazy boy announced to Baba Lekki who was in high spirit after downing a bottle of illicit spirit.

“Okon, you are a big fool. Dat one no be correct Oyinbo. Na counterfeit Oyinbo like dem old Ijebu coin. Him be Kora “, a staggering Baba Lekki enthused with drunken gusto.

“Baba wetin be Kora again? I hope you no dey talk about dem Muslim bible. I no want make dem Boko Haram people come finish man ooo.”, a clearly rattled Okon cautioned the old man.

“Okon, leave me alone o jare. Dis dem Sapele water too hot. Hem dey burn my belly like fire. Na real manya oku as dem Ibo go say. Hen hen, Okon with that your kukuruku head, wetin you say you wan go do for EFCC again?” the old man groaned.

“Baba, I been dey wonder if dem EFCC fit action dem Kura man juju for Okon”, Okon asked rather plaintively which elicited protracted hiccups and a burst of wild laughter from the old man.

“Okon, true, true dem Kora people be real kura. But this thin you dey ask for come remind man of dem Yoruba saying. Agilinti come quench and dem one use him skin for juju wey go make man no quench ever. So where dem Agilinti sef be?” the old man demanded.

“Baba dat one na Ijapa riddle by dem crazy Yoruba people and he no concern me at all sam sam”, the mad boy chortled.

“Okon. the thin be say if dem juju get any power how come dem drag Kora out of dem ceiling like dem foolish monkey like dat?” the old man demanded.

“Baba na you dey look for trouble. Whether dem juju work or he no work no concern Okon. Na  dem money concern Okon. Make juju reach market first and make money reach Okon pocket”, the crazy boy crowed with wild relish. It was on that note that snooper shut the door of his bedroom against the loony pair.


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