‘Please, don’t quote me, quote my friend,’ Adeboye relates what his friend told him about the cattle issue

General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Mr E. A. Adeboye, at the Church leaders stakeholders’ summit, themed, ‘RUGA: The church’s response in the 21st century,’ which held at ShepherdHill Baptist Church, in Lagos on Saturday, spoke on the cattle controversy in the country.

Adeboye urged stakeholders at the meeting to listen with anointed ears to his rather proverbial address at the event.

He said he would relay an encounter he had with a close, mathematician friend of his, whom he said advised Christians to reduce or stop the consumption of beef.

He said, “Please, do not quote me, quote my friend. Listen with anointed ears. I have a friend who is a mathematician and he is very funny. My mathematician friend told me a story that a cattle rearer kills your brother and your brother’s blood spilled on the grass and the cow eats from the grass, directly or indirectly, you are also participating in the killing of that your brother.

“Someone cannot be killing your brother and you are eating his cow meat. My friend said if you begin to allow them to rear cow at your backyard, very soon, they will send you out of your house.

“My friend also said that even scientists have said that red meat is not good for our health and we are buying cow meat.

Why can’t we eat fish which has been confirmed to be the best for us. My friend said if we stop eating cow meat for a while, the man who sells it will come and renegotiate the terms.”



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