Thursday, 15 August 2019 05:59

A teen went viral for tweeting from her family's LG smart fridge after her mom confiscated her phone

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Bill Bostock * A teen went viral after she tweeted from her family smart fridge, a desperate move to stay online after her mom took away her other devices. * 15-year-old Twitter user Dorothy sent tweets using her iPhone, Nintendo Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS, but they were all confiscated. * On August 8 a tweet sent from her LG Smart Refrigerator went viral. The hashtag #FreeDorothy began circulating widely. * "I do not know if this is going to tweet I am talking to my fridge what the heck my Mom confiscated all of my electronics again," Dorothy tweeted via the LG Smart Refrigerator. * Dorothy told New York Magazine her mom confiscated her gadgets because she "was boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames." A Kentucky teen went viral after turning to her family's smart fridge to keep tweeting after her mom confiscated all her devices. In a battle of wills, a 15-year-old Twitter user called Dorothy tweeted from her iPhone, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, all of which were confiscated. Finally, she posted from her family's LG Smart Refrigerator, a message which captured the hearts of many. Dorothy's account, @thankunext327, mainly functions as an Ariana Grande fan page. Her mom took her iPhone on August 5 because Dorothy had been "boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames," Dorothy told New York Magazine. Shortly after, Dorothy tweeted from her Nintendo 3DS: "[sic] im leaving forever. my mom took my phone. ill miss u all sm. im crying. goodbye." Then followed a tweet from Dorothy's account, seemingly written by her mom, which said: "I see that Dorothy has been using twitter on her Nintendo. This account will be shut down now."  But Dorothy was not deterred. " [sic] hello my mom took my phone and my nintendo ds so i have no choice but to use my wii ... thank u all for the support and love," she tweeted that same day from her Nintendo Wii U, using the Image Share function. On August 6, the following day, Dorothy tweeted again from her Wii U to assure her followers she was hunting her phone down while her mom was out. Moments later, Dorothy tweeted in rapture to say she had found her Nintendo 3DS. Two days later, on August 8, Dorothy sent a tweet to say that her devices had, again, been taken — this time turning to the LG Smart Refrigerator.  Dorothy told the Guardian via her cousin's iPad on Tuesday: "She took all my tech so I'd pay more attention to my surroundings." "I felt mortified! I was worried because I've been bored all summer and Twitter passes the time for me." Both Twitter and LG tweeted their support, jumping on the #FreeDorothy hashtag. It is not yet clear whether Dorothy has her electronics back. Compiled by Olalekan Adeleye Business Insider