Atiku calls for commission of inquiry over alleged secret burial of soldiers

Presidential candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, Mr Atiku Abubakar, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to constitute a judicial commission of inquiry headed by a non-partisan and reputable jurist, to unravel the authenticity of the report.

Abubakar, in a statement, said if the report was true, he received it with a sense of heartbreak and shock.

According to him, it is heart-breaking for families and friends of those soldiers who, if the report was true, had lost their loved ones, without being allowed to bury them or even to have any sense of closure as regards their fate.

He said, “I shudder to think that the cover-up of such an event of epic proportions can be true. Men and women of our armed forces are our first, second and last defence against our domestic and foreign enemies and should be treated with love, respect, dignity and appreciation for the invaluable service they render to Nigeria.”

He added. “To ensure that we get to the bottom of this matter, I urge that a Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by a non-partisan and reputable jurist, be inaugurated to investigate the findings of theWall Street Journal.



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