Clever cat correctly guesses which cup a ball is in as his owner mixes them up

This is the adorable moment a cat puts its paw out to pick the cup with the ball in as it plays a game with its owner.

Snow the cat is filmed as he plays a cup and ball guessing game with his owner in Tokyo, .

When his owner puts a ball inside one cup, and lines three others next to it, Snow is able to watch and pick the cup the ball is inside.

And after his owner switches the cups and muddles them up the cat is able to follow the one with the ball inside.

When the cups stop moving the cat puts out a paw to pick the correct one.

As he nonchalantly lays back on his bed or on the floor his owner brings the cup and ball to him.

And despite not looking like he's paying a great deal of attention he is able to correctly guess which ball the cup is inside each time. 

And when Snow guesses right he is rewarded with a pat on his head and affection from his owner.

To make the game harder Snow's owner increases the number of cups.

But the clever feline is still able to guess correctly, even while picking between five cups.

When hunting, cats track changes in their environment to anticipate how to get their prey successfully.

This is why they are so adept at the cup and ball game.    


Compiled by Olalekan Adeleye


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