What Obaseki is doing concerning Edo Assembly is shameful, Oshiomhole says of godson  

National Chairman of ruling All Progressives Congress APC has expressed shame over the purported inauguration of Edo state House of Assembly by Governor Godwin Obaseki, saying the minority cannot rule over the majority.

This was as he said National Working Committee (NWC) of the party had met with Inspector General of Police, Mr Muhammed Adamu and asked him to not provide security cover for few members of Bauchi state House of Assembly working in cahoot with the state Governor, Mr Bala Muhammed.

Speaking Friday night at national secretariat of the party in Abuja when he received APC members-elect of Bauchi Assembly, Oshiomhole said “if the governor insists then he is inviting trouble”

Ashamed of Obaseki

On the development in his home state, Edo, Oshiomhole said; “Unfortunately, the situation in Bauchi is also similar to the one happening in Edo State. I am ashamed to talk about it but there is nothing to hide.

“We have a similar situation in Edo where in our own case we have 24/24 all of them APC but somebody wants a particular person as a Speaker, 19 out of 24 are opposed to this person.”

In Bauchi, he said, if ruling APC did not use state institutions like the police, against the inauguration of Muhammed as governor, “it is a shame to use federal institutions against the inauguration of state Assembly” in Bauchi by the governor.

He said; “The attempt by the Governor to Illegally resort to nocturnal tactics at nocturnal hours to purport to inaugurate the house… I have briefed the President in full having met with you earlier in the day when you shared with me the details. I have had conversations with the Governor, so I have all the facts. We members of NWC have met with IG after deliberating on the issues. We will prevail on him to ensure that police do not provide security for an illegal act. Because the worst form of robbery is political robbery, it is worse than robbing people of their property.

“if you rob people of their right to govern, the people of Bauchi in their wisdom have chosen to entrust the leadership of the Bauchi State House of Assembly in the hands of the APC by voting for 21 of you while they allow PDP Only 10. That is that APC should control the legislature. There is nothing anybody can do in a democracy to change the fact. The earlier the Governor of Bauchi comes to terms with this reality the better for him and for everyone. But I want to assure you that we are a party that believes in the rule of law.

“If we have not misused federal might and institutions from preventing Muhammed from being inaugurated, it is a shame to use federal institutions against the inauguration of state Assembly,” APC national chairman stated.

“We will do everything possible that, that building being a public property being the House of Assembly is opened to the members. Be assured that we are committed to that and we commend you for your commitment to principles.

“When you were telling me of invitation to meetings, intimidation and all that, I am fully aware of all those kind of things because what other instrument is available other than to try to induce those who are weak hearted?

Speaking after a closed door meeting, former Speaker of Bauchi state House of Assembly and a member-elect Mr Kawuwa Shehu denied plans to impeach the state governor.

He said their main focus was to work with the governor to develop the state.



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