How to get a lifetime of free fuel to power your car and home — plus a cash bonus while you’re at it

Imagine a world where your fuel is free for life.

Where your car helps power your home. Where your car earns you cash by sending unused energy back to the National Grid.

For less than 12 grand you can buy a Nissan Leaf, juice it up for free and help power the family home.

That’s not a vision for 2030 and beyond, my friends, it’ll be here in the next six months.

Nissan already sells £3,500 solar units that power your home and your electric Leaf.

But new bi-directional xStorage hubs will also pull stored energy from the car when needed to run your appliances or send power back to the grid.

It gets better.

The beauty of this system is that it will work with any Leaf – including used 24kWh versions costing around £8,000 – and not just the brand-new big battery 62kWh car at £36,000.

Quick maths. That means for less than 12 grand you can buy a car, juice it up for free, help power the family home, make a few quid on the side and be a good citizen by helping to save the planet.

Experts reckon the solar units will pay for themselves in eight to ten years.

It gets better still.


Compiled by Olalekan Adeleye

The Sun, UK

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