This TV remote-sized stick turns your phone into a satellite device

PROS: It allows your phone to send and receive text messages anywhere in the world

CONS: It’s an extra (albeit important) piece of kit to add to your adventure packing list

TAKEAWAY: This device could potentially save someone’s life one day

What would you do in an emergency if you were in a remote place and your phone read “No Signal.” It’s a problem anyone could face. Although those among us who seek the farther reaches and less trodden corners of the globe might be more susceptible to this problem. Luckily, with the Bivystick Satellite Communication Device by your side, no signal is a problem easily overcome.

This intelligent, TV remote-sized device allows your phone to send and receive text messages from anywhere in the world, as long as the sky (satellites) is within your view. But that’s really not all. As well as peace of mind, the stick also includes tracking and location sharing at regular 10-minute intervals. Plus, it provides the ability to check the weather in 3-7 days forecasts no matter where you are as well as downloadable, offline maps and SOS service calls for when things really take a wrong turn!

All of the visual elements provided can be viewed on your phone using the Bivystick app, a free, intuitive app which pairs with Bivystick and helps you navigate your way through everything Bivystick has to offer.

In addition, the Bivystick can solve your “low battery” dilemmas as it also functions as a power bank. With 5200mAh capacity, it should have enough juice to charge the average phone 2 times.

In terms of connectivity, the Bivystick does require a monthly data plan. But, unlike many competing devices, the Bivystick doesn’t require yearly commitments and can even be connected and cancelled after a single month, making it ideal for single-trip or once-a-year coverage. There’s a range of plan options with something for every kind of explorer. These range from enough credits to send a daily check in to home to more extensive plans allowing you to send location information, get weather information and track your path throughout the day. It all comes down to what you want.

Inside the box, you’ll find the stick itself along with a charging cable, easy-to-carry rope and a handy carabiner for attaching the device to your backpack or belt loops.

With this smart device, worrying about cell service becomes a thing of the past, and you can ensure you stay connected no matter where you happen to be.



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