We remain open to issue visas, other services - US Embassy

United States Embassy in Nigeria has said that ongoing U.S. government shutdown will not affect its consular services in Nigeria.

The embassy in an email said reports in Nigerian media misrepresented its statement on closure of American Centers.

In the latest statement on Wednesday, the embassy said the American Centers that operate libraries and other information services within its consulates in Lagos and Abuja would remain closed.

“The U.S. Embassy in Abuja and the Consulate General in Lagos will remain open during the U.S. government shutdown. This includes the Consular Sections. Prior reports to the contrary were incorrect.

“American Centers and EducationUSA offices operating on embassy and consulate grounds managed by Mission Public Affairs Sections will remain closed throughout the shutdown. American Spaces, such as American Corners operated by partner institutions and located off embassy or consulate grounds, however, will remain open,” the embassy said.

Ongoing U.S. government shutdown was based on a decision taken by President Donald Trump to get the U.S. Congress to approve money for his proposed border wall between U.S. and Mexico.

Democratic Party-controlled House of Representatives has expressed unwillingness to approve any money for such border wall. Mr Trump on Wednesday invited bypartisan leaders of the parliament to a meeting over the issue.


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