2019: Only someone from the moon or ground can defeat Buhari - Masari

Governor of Katsina state, Mr Aminu Masari, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari can only be defeated in the coming 2019 Presidential election if the person he will be contesting against is from the moon or the ground.

Masari made this known in an interview with the Leadership newspaper when asked what were his take on the opposition party’s moves in seeking a single candidate that will challenge Mr Buhari in 2019 he said: “Well, unless someone is going to come out from the ground, of all the people we are seeing lining up in PDP, they are characters known to Mr President and all of us. We know their weight, capability and the resourcesfulness of all of them. Unless from the moon or from the ground, there is no one to match the integrity of Mr President.

“We are waiting for that miracle to happen but if these characters that are jumping from pillars to post, fortune hunters or power hunters, if you are talking about those kind of people, I am not the spokesman of the president, but I assure you that the president is ready, and willing to confront them anytime, any day and anywhere.

Masari also said that because he believes in God and believes in time he wants to win the election in 2019 in a way that they will support other areas that didn’t deliver as much as they did in 2015.

He warned those littering the streets and disturbing traffic with posters that he was not going to allow such saying that If you want to put a billboard of the president in his state such individual should go and pay.


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