Bakare, Mbaka, Williams, others: It’s time to do it again - Oluwamuyiwa Okuseinde

The situation in which we have found ourselves in Nigeria today does not require any elucidation. It is clear enough even for the blind to see. But just in case you require that the obvious should be restated to you, you may read Pastor Tunde Bakare's beautiful piece on the ugly state of our nation. I have tried to mind my own business, staying clear of making overt documented remarks on public affairs of our nation for decades. But to further stay quiet is assuming a criminal dimension because, at the end of the day, Nigeria too is my business. My beloved country is my business.

Since 2015 when the political class led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu foisted Buhari on us with the active support of some other sections of the society including the clergy, Nigeria and Nigerians have not known peace. Fools may continue to contend, but the sad truth is that everything is in shambles - the nation's economy, security, inter-group relations, etc. The sad part is that as things stand today, there seems to be no hope of recovery for as long as this administration endures. As I thought over the situation, a number of things came to my mind. One of them is that if we are ever going to get out of this mess, certain people will have to do again what they did before.

Whereas the political class that sold "change" to us may not deem it fit to own up to her mistake and apologize to Nigerians, I am wondering why Bishop Kayode Williams has not thought it fit to organize another 25,000 pastors to pray at Teslim Balogun Stadium on this Buhari administration as he did in 2015 to bring Buhari in. If you prayed him in, surely you should accept the responsibility to pray him to performance, and if that prayer does not work, probably you should concentrate on praying him out. If you don't, the blood of Nigerians who are dying from hunger and from the swords of Fulani herdsmen will be on your neck and God will not forgive you.

I haven't heard the voice of Rev Father Mbaka sounding with the same passion and clarity as it was in 2014/15 when he spoke again and again to sway public opinion in favour of Buhari. But the celibate priest owes Nigerians the duty of speaking from the rooftop once again until this administration either performs or is replaced.

Pastor Tunde Bakare literally preached Buhari in. In the build up to the 2015 elections, one of the most unfortunate things that could happen to you is to find yourself in a political discussion with a member of Latter Rain Assembly. You would be fine till you say Buhari is not the right person to rule this country. But once you go that way, the lion in him comes out as he argues with the passion of a well-indoctrinated member. Now, Pastor Tunde Bakare, don't you think it's time to preach Buhari out with the same passion with which you preached him in? Moreso, since your attempt to preach him to performance hasn't worked, though in my own opinion, this could be due to your not doing it with the same passion and insistence as when you preached him in. If you don't preach him out with a greater zeal than the way you preached him in, the blood of Nigerians slaughtered by the Fulani herdsmen will be on your neck and you will have to answer God in the day of judgment.

To all others too numerous to mention, who contributed to Buhari's enthronement in 2015, it is hightime you started doing again what you did at the first, but this time, to dethrone him. If you prayed for him to get in, get back on your knees to get him out. But this time around, you must pray harder because it is always easier to get in than to get out. If you campaigned for him to get in, start a more calculated and concentrated campaign to get him out. If you used the media to brainwash Nigerians to get him in, now it is time to get the same media awash with reasons why he must be booted out. If you manipulated the electoral process to get him in, begin to get your acts together right now on how to use the same means to get him out. Whatever you did to get him in, please double up to get him out.

I am aware that it requires maturity to spot one's error. I am also aware that it requires greater maturity to publicly acknowledge that error and then proceed to say, "I was wrong". But it takes real courage to take the bull by the horn and take steps to correct or reverse that error because that would be tantamount to pulling down what you helped to build.

The likes of Pastor Tunde Bakare, Bishop Kayode Williams, Fr Mbaka and their counterparts on the political field should demonstrate that maturity and courage right now and book their rightful place of honour in history. Nigerians are waiting.

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