Personal nuclear bunkers go on sale as fear of World War Three spreads

* A Korean company has started selling fallout bunkers from a shop in Seoul 
* Containers fit up to eight people with everything to survive a nuclear holocaust
* They are equipped with air filtration systems, solar panels, self-winding generators, and a periscope so you can tell when it's safe to come out 
* Each unit coasts £20,000 and firm says it has been inundated with orders 

North Korea's latest missile test may have put most of the world on edge - but South Koreans are now being offered peace of mind with these fallout shelters.

Firm Chumdan Bunker System has just opened a showroom in Seoul in order to sell the £20,000 containers which promise to keep people safe if a nuke falls.

Each bunker comes equipped with four beds - though can be modified up to eight - its own air filtration system and solar panels for power.

Owner Go Wan Hyeok said that since the latest test, which happened early on Wednesday, his sales team have been struggling to keep up with demand.

The bunkers also have self-winding generators to provide electricity for up to a month, a fridge, computer and periscope to check when it's safe to come out.

Dehydrated ration packs developed for NASA astronauts are also supplied, along with gas masks for the family and suits to protect against acid rain.

There is also a chemical toilet, shower bag, and sink allowing waste to be drained outside without the occupants being expose.

Mr Go said: 'I started the company in September, but I’ve been researching this for a long time and travelled all round the world. 

'Before, they were not radioactive-proof in Korea, and very expensive, then after spending time in Switzerland, the US, Australia and the UK, I came up with the most perfect bunker.

'I did everything to build this. I researched all the products and it's completely unique. This showroom is for people passing by who want to buy one. 

'These bunkers are everything-proof. Outside the military, this is the first bunker like this available for civilian use.'

Mr Go added that he now has plans to expand into Europe and the UK market, as Kim's new Hwasong-15 missile puts Europe within range for the first time. 

The estimated maximum range of the ICBM, which is the most powerful North Korea has ever tested, in 8,000 miles. 


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