Nigerians react to Saraki’s victory at CCT

Nigerians reacted most of Wednesday to news that the Code of Conduct Tribunal had cleared Senate president, Bukola Saraki, of false asset declaration charges.


The tribunal said the failure of the prosecution to present witnesses who were fully part of the alleged offence against the senate president, made their evidence “incurably defective”.


Many Nigerians expressed their views on Twitter and other social media.


Read some of the reactions below:


Orubebe cleared

Justice Ademola cleared

Dino Melaye cleared…

Bukola Saraki cleared

Pls never shld anyone say we are fighting CORRUPTION?

— Kemi Ariyo (@d_problemsolver) June 14, 2017


Why You surprise Saraki Case was thrown out by Tribunal? The Case Was Up Cause he had issues with APC! Now they are cool What do you expect?

— Osas Cruz (@OsasCruz) June 14, 2017


Now that Saraki has been discharged (as expected) can we bury this charade of an anti-corruption war & focus on the economy?

— Igala_Alan_Shore (@i_am_Anomeli) June 14, 2017


There are 2 types of laws in Nigeria

One for d RICH and d other for the REST of us

Saraki is free but Taofik is in jail for stealing garri

— Banky (@AdeBanqie) June 14, 2017


While Tinubu is some peoples favorite criminal, Saraki is some peoples favorite criminal too

At d end, the fight against corruption is scam

— Gomez 042 (@Gomeznsude) June 14, 2017


Tinubu is a thief and looter

Saraki is a thief and looter

Both acquitted of wrongdoings by the CCT but you are only angry about Saraki? LOL

— . (@Tomyboiz) June 14, 2017


The same CCT that freed Bola Tinubu today freed Bukola Saraki. If I were an armed robber, I would insist on being tried there.

— Dr. Njakiri Damages (@DrDamages) June 14, 2017


The Saraki debacle is one of the reasons why King Solomon prayed for wisdom, knowledge & understanding…….Buhari wasted political capital

— Gege (@nigeriasbest) June 14, 2017


You people should let us agree that SaharaReporters is a national social media problem.

Saying Saraki bribed CTC with $2m is outrageous.

— Demola Olarewaju (@DemolaRewaju) June 14, 2017


The only reason Bukola Saraki won’t be President is cos he isnt from the core North. But hands down, he is Nigeria’s most tactful politician

— Bashọ̀run Gáà (@Oddy4real) June 14, 2017


First anti-corruption case in Buhari’s admin. now concluded as ”no case to answer” by CCT trying Senate Pres #Saraki on asset declarartion

— Boason Omofaye (@BBoason) June 14, 2017


Today, June 14, 2017, Saraki is declared “innocent”

Corruption 1 – 0 Nigeria

— PLANGKAT (@peekaymila) June 14, 2017


Let’s not act like the whole Saraki vs Buhari CCT charade wasn’t dead on arrival.

— FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI (@Rouvafe) June 14, 2017


Saraki My leader

Saraki my hero

Saraki my mentor

Saraki my boss

Congratulates to @bukolasaraki, you fought and won them.

— Mr Shewn Lawal (@shewn007) June 14, 2017


Saraki went to Aba, took selfies. Visited inosson motors n smiled 4d cameras bt went on to Buy latest Toyota SUV for Senate. Una still mumu?

— AFOLABI AJIBORO (@AAjiboro) June 13, 2017


Evans kidnapped people.

Saraki and his gang kidnapped our budget and rustled it. We are in a shit

— Okokobioko Master (@comradop) June 14, 2017


A Case that was politically arranged without a statement from the Defendant- Dead On Arrival.

Seems Sowore sha cant live without Saraki.

— Lekan Alabi! (@olalekanalabi21) June 13, 2017



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