NewsScroll was conceived as a connecting platform for the old and young in newspaper production and readership. While the vast majority of young people around the world with access to the internet get news stories through thousands of unstructured posts and non-traditional newspaper formats online, there are the relatively older and few young people who cherish the traditional package of the hard copy newspaper in electronic format. These traditional patrons of the good old hard copy newspaper still want to have the feel of the real thing by flipping through the daily newspaper electronically as though they were holding the hard copies in their hands. NewsScroll meets both needs by providing the traditional newspaper package in electronic format and the bullet points format of the new media on a single page of our website. Both formats would provide our readers detailed analyses of news stories in the e-newspaper and the immediacy of breaking news in the bullet points format. With this, the depth of the traditional newspaper is combined with the immediacy of the new media.

Our purpose is to provide, in a single robust platform accessible with all devices (mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, and desktop PCs) news stories, features and opinions published and broadcast in credible media around the world while generating fresh materials through NewsScroll Correspondents in Nigeria.

In this enterprise of reporting the government to the people and the people to government, we promise to be truthful, credible, even-handed, discretionary, fair and balanced, with no other goal than the common good. May God help us.




•• 'Sina Kawonise, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, was the best graduating student of Sociology of the 1988 set of the then Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo University), Ago-Iwoye, after which he obtained a Master's Degree with distinction in Political Sociology at the University of Ibadan in 1990. For eight years, he taught Sociology at the Ogun State University, from where he was appointed Consulting Editor and Member of the Editorial Board of the Nigerian Tribune in 1991. He functioned in that capacity while simultaneously teaching in the University till he disengaged in 1998 from teaching to venture into the business of solid minerals production, fish farming, among others, before being appointed in 2007 as Consultant to the Government of Niger State on Media and Publicity. He held that position while continuing with his duties in Nigerian Tribune and running his private businesses until March 2010 when he was appointed Commissioner for Information and Orientation in Ogun State. Upon leaving office fifteen months later, he became the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of Western Publishing Company Limited, Publisher of NigerianCompass and WesternerMagazine.

For three decades, Kawonise contributed articles to The Guardian, Daily Times, Punch, and ran a weekly Column in Nigerian Tribune. It is this rich background in media management and operations that Kawonise brings to the table in NewsScroll.

•• Yomi Lawal, Director, left Nigeria for the United States in 1976 under the Federal Government Scholarship Programme to study Medical Laboratory Technology. He graduated from Rutgers University, New Jersey in 1980, after which he attended JFK College of Nuclear Medicine Technology and graduated in 1982.

Mr Lawal practiced General Nuclear Medicine Technology at Kimball Medical Center in

Lakewood, NJ, for six years before specializing in Nuclear Cardiology Technology in 1986. He was a pioneer member of Nuclear Cardiology Diagnostic Imaging Professionals in the USA. In 1987, he rose to become the Chief Nuclear Cardiology Technologist at Hahnemann University

Hospital Philadelphia - a leading Cardiovascular Surgical and Research Institute in the United States.

Moving into private practice, Mr Lawal founded the Cardiac Nuclear Imaging Consultant Group in 1990, after which he was invited back, in 1993, to New Jersey as the Technical Director, to establish a Cardiac Nuclear Imaging Diagnostic Center, which, within a few years, became the leading private Outpatient Cardiac Clinic in Ocean County. Mr Lawal led the practice to the qualification ofICANL Certification, among the first set of Institutions to merit the outstanding qualification in the State of New Jersey. Subsequently in 2009, he attended Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts to obtain Certification as a Radiation Safety Officer. Mr Lawal belongs to American Society of Radiologic Technologist, American Society of Nuclear Medicine, and American Society of Nuclear Cardiology.

In order to share the experience and knowledge acquired abroad, Mr Lawal, in 2004, Co-founded Genom Pharmaceutical Nig Limited, serving as its Vice Chairman and Managing Director. He currently combines this responsibility as the Chairman/Chief Executive Officer Of Global Medical Dynamics.

In recognition of his services to and leadership of many Nigerian socio-cultural and political organizations in the United States - such as being the current Regional Director, Nigerian-American People's Affair Committee (a political action organization) - Mr Lawal, in 2014, received the Outstanding Community Leadership Honorary Award at Nigerian Centenary Celebration in New York, United State. For his abiding concerns for good governance and the welfare of his compatriots in Nigeria, Mr Lawal belongs to many online diasporan discussion groups, the experiences from which he brings to establish and help in the editorial policy and management of NewsScroll.

•• Wale Are Olaitan, Editorial Consultant, became Professor of Political Science after graduating as the pioneer Best University Graduating Student, in 1986, of Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria and bagging postgraduate degrees from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. He is also the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, his alma mater, having the distinction of being the first alumnus of the University to hold the office. Professor Olaitan has written extensively on the State and the Nigerian State in particular and is the recipient of many academic and professional awards.

As an intellectual with a radical and progressive orientation, he has engaged with the community through critical contributions to national debate in top national newspapers and magazines in Nigeria, including being a columnist in some of them. He has been a member of the Editorial Board of the Nigerian Tribune for over two decades and was also on the Editorial Board of NigerianCompass and served as Chairman of the Editorial Board of The Westerner.

Professor Olaitan is passionate about the condition of existence and living of the people in the society and believes that the government and other major components of the society have to be constantly pressed to positively affect the living standard of the people. He is of the firm belief that the end of intellectual engagement should be to improve society and elevate humankind even as part of an abiding obligation and service to God and humanity.